Organic Farming Trends In Vineyards

Organic farming promotes the best and natural produce. Original plant products without any artificial inputs are beneficial in their purposes. But to meet the growing demands, dependence on organic farming and traditional procedures has made it difficult. Thus, hybrid and supervised products came up. Yet, some of the farms still hold the privilege and choose organic methods. Among them is the famous Chianti vineyard of Italy.

Locational Specialities
The wine farm and producing factory is situated in the natural expanse of Montemaggio with lush greenery and picturesque landscape. Manual harvesting and cold-pressed production procedures are the highlights for vino chianti biologico.
The vineyard also boasts the perennial wine tours organization and wine tasting opportunities. It is a vacation destination for many nature and wine enthusiasts to spend a day out on the farm’s grounds for a picnic.
The reviews have been positive and encouraging compared to the synthetic and preservative-laden products found in many places.
The harvested produce isn’t only used for wine. The stem cells found in the grape plants are excellent skin revitalizers, and Chianti didn’t leave the chance in the experiment.

How Much Organic?
• The term organic doesn’t only intend the final product to be synthetic-free but also concerns all the techniques and procedures used for farming.
• The farms adopt contour stripes due to the hilly region, rotational farming for replenishing, and adequate irrigation.
• Humus farming and mulching for green composts are used instead of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
• The livestock used for labour and their maintenance is also a vital part of organic farming. Using horses, raising poultry, and using the animal excreta improves the soil’s fertility.
• Vineyards, in combination with other plants like olive groves, also boost the balance in soil pH and nutrients level.

A complete natural ecosystem is possible establishing a balance between the animals and the plants in the region. Adopting the same old principles still help several producers flourish for being organic.

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